noun: one who evolves with the sea.

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Who is a Seavolver?

We are wild. We are driven. We are curious. We are adventurous. We are excited. We are connected. We are travelers. We are free. We are global. We are seekers. 


What is a Seavolver Experience?

Salty hair; don't care - grab your flip flops and let's go! Your days will be jammed with adventures from surfing to yoga, exploring secret waterfalls, hidden islands and more. Each experience is different - click on "dates" to find out more!

Drivers of the Ship

The sister duo - Kerri and Megan - have been living a life of adventure since they were born! Growing up in a small beach town on the Atlantic, they traveled the world as soon as possible. You can travel to Costa Rica to find Kerri or your destination may be Maryland where you will find Megan. Click the "about us" button above to learn more about our expertise.  

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